Jeff Brazier’s sons Freddie and Bobby have been without their own beloved mother Jady Goody for nine years now – after her tragic death in 2009.

But it seems the young boys are slowly beginning to welcome change into their lives, after making an incredibly touching gesture towards Jeff’s fiancee for Mother’s Day.

Jeff is engaged to PR gugu Kate Dwyer. And on Sunday, she shared a poignant gift from his eldest son Freddie – a card with the caption ‘Mum in a million’.

The 29-year-old revealed that she broke down in tears at the touching Mother’s Day card, saying that she feels she’s now earnt the “trust” of the two boys.

In a post on her private Instagram, she wrote, “When Fred gives me a card in the restaurant and I burst into tears 😭

“What an unbelievable gesture on a day that is unimaginably unfair for these boys.

Proud of this superstar ⭐️ She was appointed Associate Director at her PR Agency this week. She’s incredibly smart but I’ve watched her graft and put everything she has into her career over the last 4 years but I know that determination started long before I arrived. Guess It’s true what they say, you get out what you put in. 👊🏻💥

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“It’s not long until I am “officially” a stepmum but it only truly counts when you earn the recognition and trust of the children involved. My heart could burst ❤.”

Kate also shared a short video of the card, which was signed off “Love you, from Freddy”, with a myriad of kisses and hearts.

Within the card, he also shared a sweet message that Kate and Jeff’s upcoming wedding “is going to be lit, like a fire”.

Kate and Jeff are set to marry later this year, after Jeff proposed in 2017 after four year of dating.

38-year-old Jeff has recently revealed that his two sons will be his best men at the wedding.

In a recent interview, he admitted that the moment he marries with his sons by his side is likely to be one of the most emotional of his life.

Jeff confessed, “It’s going to be the most emotional moment I’ve ever experienced.

“It will be a recognition of everything we’ve been through and how strong we are now.”