Following a number one album and an extraordinary comeback at the end of 2016, James Arthur has a new exciting project in the works.

The X-factor winner is planning on writing a tell-all biography that he hopes will ‘act as a self-help book.’

James, 28, has spoken openly and honestly about his struggles with anxiety and battles with regular panic attacks.

The star was quick to come to the aid of fellow X-factor alumni Jahmene Douglas recently after he shared a troubled post on Twitter concerning his mental state.

The singer is now planning on penning a book that he hopes will not only ‘inspire’ fans but will also help others facing similar struggles.

He told the Press Association: “I want to help people to get to know my story, and really tell them in detail what I’ve been through.”

“The album says a little bit about it but it doesn’t really tell the full extent.”

Despite winning the X-Factor in 2012 and seeing his debut single climb to number one in the UK singles chart, Middlesbrough-born James Arthur has endure some tumultuous times since rising to fame.

James’ difficult journey 

“At the Brits two years ago, Jimmy Carr got up and made some crack about me having a meltdown and I remember watching it, thinking, ‘I am a joke in this country, there’s no coming back from this”.

“Not only was I an X Factor winner that got dropped by Syco – and when that happens you’re never heard of again – but everyone thought I was a clown.”

“I was in those ‘where are they now’ articles and I was like, ‘f*** me, I’m that guy, I’m on the scrapheap’.”

Walking the red carpet at the BRITs 2017, James looked a world away from the moment he remembers two years ago. Dressed smartly in a printed shirt and tux jacket, James greeted fans and even had a quick catch up with his pal Ed Sheeran while the cameras flashed.

After turning his hard times back into success, James now hopes to inspire others with his story.

“I want to talk to people about how I felt a little bit different from a young age and felt a little bit weird and a little bit like an outcast, and the journey that I’ve been on to get to this place.”

“And what a beautiful thing it is when you don’t give up and then see the fruits of that.”