Her time in the jungle is just the start of her TV career...

She’s been a huge hit during her time in the jungle, but now Rebekah Vardy has her eyes set on a top-rated TV show to boost her career.

The model and wife of Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy, 35, is said to be interested in more TV work, and would love to get a regular spot on a show like ITV’s Loose Women.

A source close to Rebekah told the Daily Mirror, “Rebekah has been through a lot. With Jamie’s job, she could stay at home but she likes being independent and likes speaking her mind, so she could be a great addition to a show like Loose Women.

“And she likes the idea of doing more TV work in general.”

Considering Rebekah has already appeared on Loose Women twice and been a big hit with fans, we think she’d be great as a regular feature.

Last month, the star bravely opened up about the sexual assault she experienced as a teenager.

“It was in my early teens for a few years,” she said. “It was someone pretty close. I had conversations with numerous members of my family and got persuaded not to take it any further.”

She also appeared on the show back in March to speak about her struggles with post-natal depression, and breastfed her baby boy, Finlay, live on TV.

“I think people in general after you’ve had kids they think you’re a superwoman and there’s never any issues,” Rebekah said.

“It’s a really taboo subject, post-natal depression. There’s a stigma, they think it doesn’t exist – it was after my second child. I couldn’t get out of bed its very much real.”

Rebekah has proved to be TV gold on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here, with antics like applying dirt to contour her face and her frank opinions on the show’s latest contestant, Iain Lee.

Once she’s out of the jungle, could the model and mum-of-four make a name for herself as a Loose Women presenter? It would certainly be an improvement after those Bushtucker trials!