Holly Willoughby has spoken out about photographers trying to take pictures up her skirt in a passionate discussion on This Morning.

The presenter previously shared an Instagram collage of ‘upskirt’ photos taken after The BRITs last month showing herself and other female celebrities including Abbey Clancy and Louise Redknapp getting in and out of cars, and vented her fury that this happened despite the ceremony showing support for the Time’s Up campaign against sexual harassment.

This led Holly, 37, to discuss the incident further when she and Phillip Schofield interviewed Gina Martin on Thursday’s show, who is campaigning for ‘upskirting’ to be made a criminal offence.

Phillip, 55, brought up Holly’s experience of this when he said: “Working with Holly and other women in this industry, you notice that at events with the Time’s Up campaign… you have women walking down the red carpet with white roses, saying, ‘Okay, time’s up’. Then at the end of the night you’ve got paps taking those [pictures].

“That’s a mild image compared to some of the ones you see. You see the cameraman go really down on the floor.”

Holly then chipped in and gave her take on the humiliating experience.

“Oh yeah, they go really low, and then it’s ‘grapples with her assets’, and it’s like, well that’s not what was happening,” the mum-of-three revealed. “I was trying to hide my modesty, I was trying to protect myself.”

Holly was also full of praise for Gina and wished her well in her mission to make ‘upskirting’ an offence.

“Well done you for being brave enough and making a stand,” the TV star said. “I’m right behind you, I hope that it makes a change, finally.”

It comes after Holly received support from fans and celebrity friends following her message about the incident last month.

Scarlett Moffatt commented: “This makes me so sad and disgusted. This is never done with men!!”

Meanwhile Spice Girl Emma Bunton wrote: “#equality #timesup love you Holly and my girls. X”