Holly Willoughby might look like she wouldn’t harm a fly but just proved she’s no pushover with her latest antics on This Morning…

The presenter left viewers shocked on Thursday’s show when she brutally destroyed a cute unicorn piñata during a segment about making them – and bashed it so hard that she broke the sweets inside it too!

Holly, 37, forcefully hit the object with a baton as co-host Phillip Schofield watched with his head in his hands after playfully warning her: “Don’t do it!”

The mum-of-three wasn’t deterred when the intact unicorn dropped on the floor and put it back on the table to continue smacking it.

“She does this sometimes,” Phillip quipped about Holly’s surprisingly violent moment. “You should see her in the meetings after the show.”

The piñata proved surprisingly tough to destroy but Holly eventually cracked it, only to admit: “I’ve smashed the sweets up!”

Phillip then chipped in: “Well there’s a surprise!”

Only broken sweets for Holly then! The TV star’s aggressive actions didn’t just leave Phillip stunned as viewers at home were pretty gobsmacked too.

“Anyone thinking of burgling Holly’s house should think twice after watching that,” one joked on Twitter, whilst another said: “Damn, I wouldn’t mess with @hollywills after seeing her bash that piñata to death”

And one quipped: “Hit with such conviction, Holly you worry me sometimes”

Poor unicorn!

Both Holly and Phil, 56, seemed to enjoy the arts and crafts session and each donned stick-on gems on their faces.

It was Holly’s piñata-smashing antics that seemed to stick in everyone’s minds though, with Phillip bringing it up later on when the show’s psychologist Emma Kenny said that even people like Holly and Phil can experience jealousy at some point in their lives.

“Well, you saw what she was like with that pinata,” Schofe jokingly remarked about Holly.