Holly has announced a rather unexpected career move ahead of the launch of her much anticipated lifestyle brand Truly.

This Morning’s very own first lady has been teasing the launch of Truly for the past few months, with the lifestyle and family brand due to launch in the spring of next year.

It has been described by Holly as “a new lifestyle brand… about beautiful things that are of the highest quality, surprisingly affordable and designed to make your life easier”.

In fact, after recently announcing the project to be nearly ready, an excited Holly even shared some promo pictures shot of herself in a sun drenched location abroad.

However, despite directing fans to sign up for updates on the brand’s website ahead of its launch, Holly has taken to social media once again to cut ties with Truly – and it’s for a very moving reason.

Taking to Instagram to confirm she has stepped back from involvement, the 37-year-old mother of three shared: “After much consideration, I have made the decision to step away from Truly”.

Continuing, Holly explained this to be due to the already very limited family time her showbiz schedule leaves  – something her involvement with Truly was hindering even more.

“To launch a brand needs total dedication and at the moment, with so many other commitments, this is not something I feel I can do without it starting to affect my family time at home.”

Finally, Holly signs off the post with: “I wish Truly all the best for the future.”

It still looks like the Truly brand will be launching, and we’re glad this means that Holly will find a little extra time with her beloved brood.

Speaking of being a mother, Holly recently shared that she will always prioritise her youngsters: “If I work in the afternoons than I make sure I’m home in time for bedtime. I have to do that, otherwise I go a bit grey inside.”

Holly added: “I love work but the most important thing is my family and making that right. If that doesn’t feel right, I really put the brake on and pull back.”