Holly Willoughby has one of the best bods in the business – but she’s the first to admit that it was difficult for her to accept the changes in her body after having had three children.

Holly is mum to Belle, 7, Chester, 3, and Harry 9, who she shares with hubby Dan Baldwin.

The This Morning star yesterday reflected on her post-baby body, after taking a call from a new mum struggling to accept her own on the show.

And she confessed that while your body ‘does change so much’, she’s now grateful for it having given her her three healthy children. She went on to encourage the viewer to accept her now-different body.

She told the caller, “I have had three babies and your body does change so much and sometimes you look in the mirror and think you don’t really recognise the body that is looking back at you. But that body gave me three of the most important things on this earth.”

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Holly went on to confess that she’s in awe of her ‘incredible’ body now, and everything it was able to do. She said, “That body did an amazing thing. It carried your baby into healthiness and then you have that example of how incredible your body is.”

She continued, “It’s a case of looking at you body in a different way as opposed to the beautiful thing that you remember. You have got something better than that now.”

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Holly keeps the lives of her three children relatively private, rarely posting about them on social media. The star has previously also said how she would like to take a back seat at work in order to continue to be there more for her children.

The presenter told The Sun, “I don’t really want to do more. I just want to pause everything and keep everything as is. Work is in a really lovely place and I’m really happy with This Morning.

“My main focus over the next few years is churning out three very grounded, normal, happy, content children, teenagers and adults, eventually.”