Holly Willoughby suffered an awkward blunder on This Morning today after accidentally introducing a guest as “Phillip Schofield”.

Holly Willoughby

But to make matters worse, the 38-year-old’s co-host was actually sitting beside her when she slipped up.

During Thursday’s show, Holly and Phil informed viewers that comedian Jimmy Carr would be the next guest on the sofa following a commercial break.

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But instead of saying Jimmy’s name, Holly referred to him as “Phillip Schofield”.

Quickly realising her mistake, Holly covered her mouth in shock as she said, “I don’t know what’s happened to me.”

Holly Willoughby

Laughing, she added, “I actually just introduced him as you!”

Looking dumbfounded by Holly’s on-air blunder, Phil responded in a jokingly offended manner, “I don’t know what happened there… Do I mean so little to you?”

Still, Holly saw the funny side, then saying, “hi Phil” to Jimmy as they cut to the break.

Holly’s faux-pas comes just one day after she made a slip up in a chat about the porn industry.

The telly star was interviewing two mums taking part in new Channel 4 documentary, Mums Make Porn, which sees a group of women set out to create their own adult film that they would be happy for their children to watch.

Holly Willoughby

Speaking to Sarah-Louise Pritchard and Jane Chelliah, Holly said, “Because it’s so accessible on any of these devices, you click on one thing and before you know it ten other things have popped up.”

Noticing the cheeky innuendo, the mum-of-three then joked, “Hmm, bad choice of word…”

And viewers couldn’t help but comment on the hilarious slip up, as one wrote on Twitter, “Popped up”- Holly cringing at her own choice of wording talking about porn films, I’m crying.”

“10 other things have popped up DEAD,” another wrote, while a third added, “Things popped up”, Holly Willys…”