Holly Willoughby dissolved into giggles live on air again – and this time it was over a pair of pet pugs.

Holly, who is famed for losing it onscreen, broke down with tears in her eyes as the pug owner described her pets’ fruity friendship.

Holly, 38, also looked embarrassed as the pugs owner described the dogs’ close bond.

The presenter asked, “In what way does that manifest itself?”

And the guest replied, explaining, “They lick each other’s faces and ears. They sleep together in close contact. It’s almost painful if they haven’t.

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“Then it progresses. When they get overexcited in the day that may over spill into extra activities. I can’t show you the video now…”

Her guest, Christine King, went on to describe how the pugs, Puggly and Nelly, ‘mount each other’ but ‘not necessarily at the right end’ and end up mounting each other’s faces.

And this proved too much for Holy, who broke down again into fits of laughter.

Holly and co-host Phillip Schofield interviewed Christine to discuss homosexual dogs following the release of a new documentary on gay animals.

But Phil, not quite convinced about the idea of dogs differing sexuality, said, “Nelly when she was in heat she was quite happy to go off and see the guys, so she could be bisexual. Maybe to her, Pugley is just a friend with benefits.”

The innuendo went from bad to worse too, when Phillip then almost fluffed his lines during a link.

Phil said, “Welcome back. She’s taken a break from tending her flock…to cook us a summer treat.”

As Phil struggled to say the words ‘flock’ and ‘cook’ so close together Holly was again in hysterics.

Holly shouted ‘sorry’ as she put her hands over her face, adding, “Flock and cook so close together just scared me.”