“Still to come”…

Holly Willoughby couldn’t contain her giggles after interviewing a couple who have ’18-hour orgasms’.

The This Morning presenter was left in hysterics after her chat with Scott and Melanie McClure, who she even at one point asked if they were having an orgasm live on air.

Speaking via video link, the couple explained that they are avid practitioners of tantric sex, which they claimed has helped them maintain a climax for 18-hours!

They even revealed they can orgasm just from hugging.

While Holly managed to keep it together during the chat, all decorum went out the window following the interview.

Holly Willoughby

And all it took was for her co-star, Phillip Schofield to utter three little words – “Still to come!”

The phrase proved too much for Holly who collapsed with laughter and struggled to even speak, forcing producers to cut to an ad break.

During the interview Holly told the couple: “My goodness you are machine. This has been one of my favourite interviews ever.”

The star revealed that she wanted to know more about the practise, and joked: “I’ll call you.”

Earlier, Scott explained: “We are practicing tantra. One of the key things that people don’t realise is that orgasm is different from the traditional release of climax.

“You can have an experience when you keep going. It builds and builds and builds. You stay in a state. You can have a blissful orgasm without the traditional release. It takes years of practice.”

The pair, who teach their skills at weekend classes, told Holly and Phil that they can orgasm anywhere – even if they’re in different rooms or have their clothes on.

After learning this, Holly asked: “Are you doing it now?” to which Melanie cheekily replied, “Maybe”.