After making their first public appearance together at an event at the Invictus Games on Monday, Harry and Meghan have made it clear to the world that they’re head-over-heels, don’t-care-who-knows-about-it in love.

The couple previously kept their relationship out of the public eye, with Harry even issuing a statement last year asking the media to respect his new girlfriend’s privacy. But these latest pictures, of the pair walking hand in hand, laughing together and gazing adoringly at one another, suggest that they’re ready to publicly declare the seriousness of their relationship.

So naturally, the question on everyone’s lips is… when will Harry pop the question?

And if Harry himself isn’t there to interrogate? It’s his friends and family who will be in the questioning firing line.

This is something Prince William soon would have realised on a recent visit to Milton Keyes. As, although it’s been a pretty exciting time for the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge themselves with the announcement of their third child on the way, royal fans were keen to quiz the second-in-line to the throne about his younger brother’s blossoming relationship.

William visited William Cowley Parchment Makers, which makes vellum for royal documents and for use in Parliament.

Paul Wright, the general manager for the company, told the Prince: “If Prince Harry marries Meghan then his certificate will be in our vellum.”

So how did William respond?

“He just laughed – a nice laugh,” Paul recalled.

Prince William visited Milton Keynes alone, as Catherine is still at home recovering from hyperemesis gravidarum, while expecting their third child.

It’s clear that Wills is keeping quiet for now – and only time will tell when we get a straight answer to that particular question!