It has been a difficult few months for Coleen Rooney.

Shortly after announcing her fourth pregnancy with husband Wayne, Coleen had to deal with more infidelity rumours following Wayne being caught drink driving – with another woman.

And sadly for Coleen, it seems her marital troubles are not going to disappear anytime soon. It was revealed last month that former escort Helen Wood, who had a threesome with Wayne in 2010, is launching a tell-all book.

The reality star shared the news on Instagram to inform her 70.8K followers that the book was almost done. She stressed that ‘no stone’ would be left ‘unturned’.

She said: “I feel like a pleb keep saying to people it’s neeearly done, but it genuinely is NEARLY done now ✅ as promised I’m leaving no stone unturned, so that’s 30 years of drama to unfold 😏 but I’m almost there, Hallelujah 🙌🏻📚#book #biography #almostthere#neverendingstory #worldwar3”.

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Helen, who won Big Brother in 2014, appeared to boast about the drama her book release would cause.

Predicting ‘#worldwar3’ suggests she must have some pretty damaging secrets to reveal, so we completely understand if Coleen is not overjoyed by the prospect.

The book is promised to be ready ‘just in time’ for ‘crimbo stockings’, if reality TV tell-all books are what you’d want waiting for you under the Christmas tree this year…

Coleen was five months pregnant with son Kai when Wayne cheated on her with Helen and sex-worker Jenny Thompson.

And while her account of this is likely to be one of the most popular snippets of the book, Helen claims she has plenty of other secrets to spill.

The reality star will cover details of what it is like to work as an escort and will no doubt shed more light on many of her very public arguments.

We just hope the fall-out isn’t too difficult for Coleen to deal with…