Susanna Reid is used to reading the headlines, not making them, but she got both her colleagues and viewers speculating about her own love story live on Good Morning Britain.

The 47-year-old TV presenter, who has three children, sons Finn, 14, Jack, 13, and Sam, 16, with her ex husband Dominic Cotton, had previously vowed never to marry again, but while discussing a recent celebrity split in the news, she let something slip.

Susanna was teased by controversial co-host Piers Morgan, when he suggested she should apply for ITV2 dating show Love Island, as she was ‘popular and single’. He said: ‘Why don’t you go on it?’ to which Susanna contemplated, saying ‘Shall I?’

He pointed out, ‘Well you love it, you’ll be very popular and you’re single.’

But quick to shoot down his suggestion and to put him straight, Susanna replied, ‘How do you know I’m single?’

Piers, 53, shocked by Susanna’s revelations, continued to tease her about her ideal man after interviewing four oarsmen about their charity sail, he asked if she fancied any of them.

He said, ‘You’re single. You’ve always said to me your ideal man would be about 6ft2 or 6ft3, ex-military possibly, and tattooed. You’ve got four strapping guys there, bristling with muscle. Probably military connections.’

Speaking earlier this year on the show, Susanna said she will never marry again, despite having a great relationship with her ex.

She said said: ‘I never wanted to be married and don’t want to change now… That’s it. I think I’ll probably at some stage have another relationship, but not marriage.’

Unlike other celebrities, Susanna has kept her love life private but chances are, if Susanna is dating, it’s only a matter of time before Piers manages to get all the juicy details out of her. And until then, there’s no doubt that this won’t be the last we’ve heard of him trying to set Susanna up with a would be suitor…