When Harry Redknapp headed in to the jungle for I'm A Celebrity 2018, his clear devotion for his wife Sandra became the unexpected star of the show.

From day one, former football manager Harry Redknapp could barely contain his adoration for his wife of 52 years, regularly singing her praises and reducing his campmates to mush.

And now, in an interview for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on ITV, the 72-year-old has admitted that he nearly pulled out of I’m A Celeb, after Sandra was taken ill with sepsis right before he left for Aus.

Hary confessed, “I nearly pulled out. I said look, obviously I’m not going to go to Australia and do a show if she’s not well.

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“It was scary. If she hadn’t of got the ambulance that night she would have been in desperate trouble. So that was the saver, really.”

The footballing legend also spoke emotionally about how close his wife came to dying, admitting just how difficult it was for him to even consider that possibility.

When Piers asked whether she was close to death, Harry said, “I couldn’t think about that… I couldn’t.

“Thinking about it, I couldn’t handle that. I just couldn’t.”

We’re sure that sentiment is something a lot of long-time couples can relate to…

Harry recently revealed that Sandra is once again unwell, admitting that they’d been to see a specialist for her ill health just recently.

He explained, “She hasn’t been particularly well. We have been to a specialist in London. I have rung her eight times today just to see how she is.”

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In another recent interview during AOL Build, Harry confessed that the recent split between his son Jamie Redknapp and Louise Redknapp left him ‘choked’, as he thought they’d be together forever.

“I was choked, absolutely” Harry revealed. “I just never ever, ever could see that happening. I thought they were getting married forever. They were such a lovely couple together.”