Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed she’s starting to see signs of the early menopause.

The 46-year-old actress, who is mum to daughter Apple, 14, and son Moses, 12, recently married Brad Falchuk but while the blonde beauty looks youthful for her age, she is secretly suffering from sweats, hormonal changes and mood swings associated with the menopause.

The Oscar-winner made the confessions during a video chat which she uploaded to her lifestyle brand Goop.

She explained: “When you get into perimenopause you notice a lot of changes. I can feel hormonal shifts happening, the moods, you’re all of a sudden furious for no reason.’

She said society needs to change how it views the process, adding: ‘Menopause gets a really bad rap and needs a bit of rebranding.

‘I remember when my mother went through menopause and it was such a big deal and I think there was grief around it for her and all these emotions.

‘I don’t think we have in society a great example of an aspirational menopausal woman.’

Perimenopause, also known as menopause transition, can take place several years before menopause. During that time, the ovaries gradually make less oestrogen until it stops releasing eggs entirely.

While Gwyneth isn’t going through the menopause, she confirmed she had been experiencing some signs that she may be heading there after noticing a “perceptible shift in hormones” and she has linked to a menopause supplement, called Madame Ovary, which is aimed at relieving the symptoms, and according to Goop, costs £70 for a month’s supply.

Among the other pre-menopause symptoms include: hot flushes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex, difficulty sleeping, low mood or anxiety, reduced sex drive (libido), problems with memory and concentration.

The average age a woman goes through the menopause is 50.