Good Morning Britain viewers have been left distracted during a hard-hitting interview after spotting something odd in the studio.

Susanna Reid and stand-in co-host Richard Madeley were talking to an ex-MI5 officer on Tuesday morning’s show when fans caught sight of a bottle of nail polish placed on the side next to the day’s newspapers.

The varnish appeared to belong to Susanna, 47, as the dark brown shade seemed to match the colour of her nails.

Many viewers wondered if she might have been applying an extra coat in-between takes.

Others pondered whether the bottle had been forgotten about given that interviews aren’t usually filmed from that angle, but on this occasion the camera view was changed to give the guest anonymity.

“The secret to 100% anonymity on @GMB is revealed. Nail polish …,” one fan joked after tweeting a snap of the blunder.

And another asked: “just being inquisitive why is there a brown nail varnish next to the MI5 spy ?”

Meanwhile one posted: “Has Susannah been painting her nails before going on air…can see the bottle while they are interviewing ex MI5 officer? @GMB”

It wasn’t the only awkward moment during the programme, as Susanna had earlier been forced to shut down the idea of stripping off on TV during a chat about upcoming show The Real Full Monty.

The team were interviewing actor John Partridge, who is set to take part in the show which will see celebs get their kit off live on TV to raise money for charity.

‘Would you do it?’ Richard asked the mum-of-three, prompting her to defiantly answer back: “No!”

She then added: “No one needs to see that frankly.”

Susanna praised those who are taking part though and pointed to her arms as she explained: “Really all credit to these people who’ve had the courage to do it as this is as much skin as I’m going to show.”