Piers Morgan is known for his controversial opinions, but during Good Morning Britain today he might have taken things a step too far.

Piers Morgan

In fact, the 53-year-old was temporarily taken off air after he made a cutting dig at the ITV crew.

Complaining about issues with his teleprompter, Piers blasted, “It said earlier that it was the paper review and we didn’t have the papers so I don’t believe entirely what I am seeing on that screen.

“I have lost confidence in the gallery’s ability to deliver.”

Not stopping there, he added, “They’re a bit like Theresa May at the moment – they promise on that screen what we have and then nothing happens.”

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But the bosses over at GMB well and truly got their own back when the screen suddenly went black and took Piers and his co-star Susanna Reid swiftly off air.

What’s more, when the cameras eventually turned back on, they focussed entirely on Charlotte Hawkins.

Piers could then be heard ranting, “They have got the ultimate power.

“They can yank the plug. And then viewers would rebel and you’ll all have to lose your jobs.”

This comes after Piers called out the crew yesterday for accidentally reading out the wrong date.

Speaking to viewers, he said, “It wasn’t deliberate. Literally someone’s asleep – but they won’t be when we finish with them.

“11th of December 2018. Whoever that was had one job, one job; to press a button.

“We have to own our mistakes live on air so why should they be allowed to hide when they give the wrong date to the entire country?”

The telly presenter then added, “And it’s actually last year, it’s not even this year!

“We will have some stocks and get them in stocks by the end of the show.”