Best known as the Gogglebox posh couple, Steph and Dom have often had the nation in stitches with their unashamedly boozy nights in front of the television.

The couple have been married for an impressive 20 years and rose to fame following their stint on Channel 4’s hit show.

In an interview with Lorraine Kelly, the Kent hotel-owners let slip that their bedtime arrangements is why they are so happy.

But it is probably not what you think… Steph and Dom revealed that the secret behind their 20 years of happy marriage is sleeping in separate beds.

The couple’s revelation is not uncommon, but certainly not the norm. A few months ago Prue Leith revealed that she and her husband still live in completely separate houses!

Lorraine probed Steph and Dom for some more details on this arrangement. The Scottish host said: “You were saying a separate bedroom is a way to keep a marriage happy?”

Steph replied: “Completely”. Dom then continued: “Sleep is a very underrated commodity, and is very important to us. And I snore like anything you can imagine and I get woken up, Steph gets woken up, nobody sleeps.”

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Steph enthusiastically added: “I punch him in the face – repeatedly”. Poor Lorraine wasn’t quite sure to respond to the couple’s surprising admissions… But Dom confirmed Steph’s actions and said: “No it’s happened, it’s absolutely happened.”

Several people on social media couldn’t believe the couple preferred to sleep alone. One person wrote on Instagram: “No! You need the cuddles in the middle of the night”. Another said: “If i couldn’t sleep with my husband every night i would say our marriage is over. Married for 30 yrs and still love him from the day we met….how could we sleep separate.”

But many also had the same opinion as Steph and Dom and shared their experiences. One joked: “Seperate beds? Too right if he/ she snores….it is very healthy as it keeps me out of jail 😉👌😅💕”.

When Lorraine asked the couple if there were ever any exceptions to the rule or a desire to “warm their feet up” with one another, Steph replied: “If absolutely necessary, yes”.

The couple are clearly very happy with their arrangement. In an interview with The Sun Steph described Dom as the other half of her.

She said: “I don’t know where I finish and he starts, so we never argue. We’ve spent the last 20 years very much in each other’s pockets because we live and run a business together.”

The hotel owner added: “Even when we’re not together we’ll always have a diary meeting at some point in the day to discuss who’ll reply to what email and who’ll get more loo rolls.”

One thing the couple adore to do together is drink! After a long day Steph say she has a glass of wine in hand by 7pm.

The couple will then catch up on each other’s days and have dinner around 8pm. She said: “It’s always nice to catch up and have a natter together on the sofa.”