During Princess Diana’s life, it was widely known that she mixed with many famous faces from the celebrity set, including Elton John, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise.

But insider knowledge of the relationship between the late princess and one close friend seems to have slipped under the radar – until now.

A brand new, tell-all biography about the life of George Michael, suggested that the pair were very close during the beloved Princess’ life – and that the late royal actually held a very soft spot in her heart for the Wham! singer.

The book, George Michael: Freedom, The Ultimate Tribute 1963-2016, was written by David Nolan. It was penned following the devastating news of pop icon George’s death in 2016.

In the tell-all, the author makes explosive claims that George had revealed how there was “no question” that Diana was “attracted” to him.

It allegedly reads, “She was like a lot of women who have been attracted to me in my life.

“They see something non-threatening. There were certain things that happened that made it very clear that she was very attracted to me.

“There was no question.”

In an interview, George reportedly also spoke of their close bond, due to their childhoods.

He allegedly said that he and the People’s Princess, “clicked in way that was a little bit intangible. And it probably had more to do with our upbringing than anything else”.

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The pair famously met at the ‘Concert of Hope’ event for AIDs charity in 1993. It was a cause they were both undeniably passionate about championing.

And they also had mutual friends at the event, including none other than Elton John!

George Michael also attended Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997, alongside Elton John

The revelation comes just months after a childhood friend of George’s, Andros Georgiou, also spoke of the famous pair’s close bond. And, their allegedly flirty friendship.

He shared with the Sun on Sunday that, reportedly, Diana confided in the Freedom singer about her troubled marriage to Charles.

“They became very close friends. She often confided in him about how unhappy she was with Charles during their meetings.

“They had a very honest friendship. On his third visit to Kensington Palace, they drank a bottle of wine tog­e­ther. And George was so drunk she offered him a room for the night.

“This was about two years before she and Charles officially separated.”

Of course, we can’t be sure how clear these claims are, given that neither George nor Diana are here to address them.