After confirming their much-speculated about romance last month, Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez have been one seriously loved-up couple.

Now Gemma has opened up about their relationship in detail for the first time and it’s clear that she’s totally smitten with the Spanish dancer.

“We were never hiding anything, but now that we’ve said: ‘Yes, we are together and we’re very happy,’ we can all just get on with it and things can calm down a bit,” says Gemma, 33.

“And it’s nice to be able to say he’s my boyfriend.”

The actress built a friendship with Gorka, 27, during their time on Strictly Come Dancing before it blossomed into something more once the series had ended.

“I couldn’t have contemplated a relationship while the show was on, it was just too stressful,” Gemma tells Fabulous magazine. “So it was a gradual thing. There was no lightning-bolt moment, unfortunately. Not like in the movies.

“When the show finished we could hang out and spend time together away from it all. We spent New Year’s Eve together, which was lovely, and then we went on the tour…”

It was whilst they were on the road together for the Strictly tour that Gemma really fell for Gorka.

“He’s just a really good person,” she explains. “He’s got a great outlook on life and he’s very funny.

“You don’t get to see that side of him on the show, but he’s very easy-going and very caring and always makes sure I’m OK – an old-school gentleman but with the qualities of a mate as well.

“So it’s like your best mate who you can’t keep your hands off. Which is a great foundation for a relationship.”

Now the couple are enjoying a long-distance romance, with Gemma based in Manchester where she does her radio show whilst Gorka lives in London, but this seems to suit them well.

“I think it’s nice to miss somebody,” the former Hollyoaks star says.

“I love the excitement of going to see someone when it’s been a few days or a week. We’re both fortunate in that neither of us have nine-to-five jobs, so we’ll meet in different places and I think that’ll keep it fresh.”

And to top it all off, Gemma’s mum thinks Gorka is “lovely” – and what more could you want than your mum’s approval?