There was so much excitement surrounding series two of BBC’s Our Girl. But it’s been met with constant criticisms from viewers who brand it ‘unrealistic’.

The show aired last night (Tuesday) and fans were once again quick to comment on Michelle Keegan’s appearance.

One said: “My make up sweats off at the gym … but Michelle Keegans stays on in a supposed war zone … not sure on the continuity @BBCOne #ourgirl“.

Another viewer said: “#OurGirl is funny. In a war zone and they’re covered in make up without a hair out of place”.

Michelle’s character Georgie Lane was seen putting her own life at risk in an attempt to save a fellow comrade during a mission in Afghanistan.

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It wasn’t just Michelle’s appearance that viewers found laughable. In the rescue attempt scene, bullets showered the scene but viewers at home were left unconvinced by the action.

One person wrote: “Am I the only person that thinks #ourgirl is a bit cringe this series?”. Another said: “Anyone in the military, or with a brain cell has surely got to be laughing at the bulls*** that is “Our Girl” #OurGirl”.

While a third said: “@BBCOne #OurGirl is quite frankly embarrassing! Surly you must’ve had permission from the British Army to produce! So many mistakes!”

But it should be said that not everyone was disappointed by the episode. One fan wrote: “Our Girl…. What an episode!!! LOVED IT!! @BBCOne @michkeegan @lucapasqualino @benaldridge07 👍🏻👍🏻👌🏼👌🏼 #ourgirl3 #OurGirl”.

Someone else said: “@michkeegan your brilliant acting last night with Elvis bust up you were brilliant you just went for it #OurGirl scenes were outstanding”.

A third simply wrote: “Just caught up on #OurGirl ohhhhh myyyyyy 😩😱“.

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