If you’re anything like us, you are huge fans of BBC’s hit series, Our Girl. Starring Michelle Keegan, the gripping show charts the life of a leading officer in the British Army – and it is fab.

So we were obviously super excited to hear that the show was returning for a third season, Our Girl series 3! When the second season finished, Michelle’s character Georgie Lane was still attempting to decide between her fiancé back home in the UK, and her feelings for a fellow army colleague – leaving a very awkward love triangle lingering…

It’s been confirmed that the newest series will be made up of 12 episodes, so there will be plenty to look forward to. So what can we expect from this season? Will Georgie finally make up her mind? See what we know so far about Our Girl series 3…

First look!

The first trailer for the programme has been released, and it looks as if things are as intense as ever for Lance Corporal Georgie Lane. The 15-second clip shows Michelle’s character surrounded by warfare. The clip is accompanied by an ominous voiceover, claiming, “It takes a strong head to follow your heart”.

Is that a hint that she’ll definitely be choosing her man – for good – this time around? We sure hope so!

The very first picture from Our Girl season 3 has also been released and, although it doesn’t give us much to go on, we still can’t wait to see what Georgie’s been up to…


Michelle Keegan also tweeted a photo about her time filming in Nepal…

So what’s going on plot-wise in Our Girl series 3…?

The focus of the series will be very different this time around, according to creator Tony Grounds. Instead of focusing on a war-torn country, the programme will instead be set in Nepal in the grip of an earthquake.

Grounds said, “I’m going to be looking where the natural disasters are and where the British Army’s involved.”

Rumours have also flown that Lacey Turner, who played the lead in the very first series, could return. Tony has confirmed that the Eastenders actress would be welcomed back with open arms saying, if she did want to come back, “all she had to do was ring him”.

So could we see the two women reunite to save the world? We sure hope so!

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Which members of the cast will return for Our Girl series 3?

Of course, we know that former Corrie star Michelle will definitely be returning to reprise her role. But what about Luke Pasqualino, who plays Michelle’s army love interest Elvis Harte? Never fear, because he will be returning to join Georgie in the emergency mission! Ben Aldridge will also be back to play their boss, Captain James.

However, there’s no information yet as to whether Georgie’s fiancé waiting patiently at home will be back on screens. So, what does that mean for their relationship? Watch this space!

The third season will also see a host of new characters, introducing Shalom Brune-Franklin as Private Maisie Richards, Simon Lennon (Grantchester) as Brains, Sean Ward (Coronation Street) as Fingers, and Rolan Bell (Eastenders) as a character called Kingy.

Our Girl returns to BBC One at 9pm on October 10.

So, are you looking forward to Our Girl series 3? Who do you think Georgie will eventually choose? Were you fans of the first two series? Let us know in the comments below – we love to hear your thoughts!