They're not happy about the little one weighing himself at such a young age...

Jacqueline Jossa‘s husband Dan Osborne captured a sweet father-son moment during a recent hotel stay but when he shared the video online, fans were not happy over the nature of the clip.

Dan, 26, is father to son Teddy, three, who he has from a previous relationship. He also has daughter Ella, two, with EastEnders actress and wife Jacqueline.

Dan uploaded a video to his Instagram, which showed his son stepping on the weighing scales in a hotel bathroom. He captioned the clip: ‘Teddy weighing himself in the hotel bathroom’ followed with a crying with laughter emoji and a blue love heart emoji.

In the clip Dan can be heard saying, “Do you want to weight yourself?” as Teddy stands in the bathroom with the scales on the floor.

As his son steps on them he asks: “What do you weigh?”



Teddy replied: “Three” and when Dan asks: “Three what?”

Teddy says: “Three stone”. And this prompts Dan to ask: “Is that your big muscles?”

Teddy answers: “Yes” and Dan replies: “Show me them…” and as Teddy flexes his muscles like his dad does at the gym, dan reacted with a “WOAH!”

But fans have hit out, disagreeing with the morals of a youngster being encouraged to weigh themselves.

One wrote: ‘Children shouldn’t be weighing themselves, get a grip.’  Others called Dan ‘irresponsible’.

But other fans jumped to Dan’s defence, one said: ‘My3 year old weighs himself all the time because he thinks the number means he’s getting big. Kids don’t attach a value to the weight, the just like the numbers. So calm down (sic).’

The disagreement continued, with the same user stating: ‘Oh I am calm but thank you 😊 I’m just of the view a child shouldn’t care or be aware of their weight or body image. It follows through to their teens and adult life and only instills self consciousness which is damaging.’

Dan hit back at the haters, he wrote: ‘Oh behave yourself! He is 3 years old and having fun, says he is a big boy! Keep your ridiculous opinion to yourself. Honestly believe that him weighing himself for a laugh at 3 yo is going to make him conscious of his weight when he’s older? Surely you don’t actually believe that lol.’

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