Have you spotted this Doctor Foster blooper from the latest episode?

Hands up if you’re loving the return of Doctor Foster? The captivating BBC drama returned over two weeks ago, and it seems fans have been loving watching Dr Gemma wrecking havoc in Parminster.

This season has undeniably been darker and more intense then that last. And in the drama’s most recent episode, fans were shown perhaps the season’s most intense scenes yet.

*Spoiler warning!*

Warring exes Gemma and Simon made an attempt at harmony for the sake of their son on the show’s third episode. Dr Gemma invited her cheating ex over for dinner in an effort to figure out what’s up with their son, Tom.

After dinner, the pair then sloped off to the dining room and shockingly ended up engaging in some raunchy ‘hate-sex’ – despite being divorced…

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BUT, before Simon arrived at their old home, Gemma – as you do when you’re planning to meet up with your lying ex-husband – poured herself a glass of wine.

And while all seemed well, eagle-eyed viewers of the show noticed a continuity error when Gemma was getting out her bottle of vino out of the fridge.

Outraged fans pointed out that when Gemma went to drink her wine, the fridge door was open.

But when the camera panned into a close up of her drinking, the fridge door had magically closed behind her.

And worst of all, when she turned back around to go to the fridge, the door was wide open again!

Furious fans of the programme went into meltdown on social media over the overlooked incident.

One even posted their own video of the frustrating scene, so take a look at the oversight for yourself…

Many continued to take to Twitter to point out the mistake and express their fury…

Not only did fans notice this awkward error – some even pointed out how suspiciously quickly Gemma whipped up her chicken dinner…

So did you spot the fridge continuity error? Did you notice any other continuity mistakes in the episode? Let us know in the comments, or on the Woman Magazine Facebook page!