Nadia Sawalha often shares her most private health concerns with the Loose Women panel – and audience. But fans were left concerned by her latest health revelation.

Nadia, 53, posted a video to her Instagram page, which showed her excising outdoors. The clip shows Nadia putting her hand to her chest and saying: “Oh my god, I feel weird. I’ve hardly come up a hill and I’m throbbing.”

Nadia’s friend suggested it might be down to the caffeine she had earlier, but Nadia isn’t so sure.

“I don’t know, I don’t feel right, I just feel so out of breath,” she replied. “I seriously need to do something about my health!! This really scared me.”

Fans were quick to show their concern.

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‘Looks and sounds to me like you were focusing on your heart rate too much and overthinking, having bit of anxiety attack xxx hugs xxx.’

Another wrote, ‘Oh hun, maybe it’s doctor checkup time!’

Last week, Nadia comforted former X Factor contestant Chico, who recently had a stroke. Visibly emotional on the show, he explained how doctors told him that he’s lucky to be alive, and that he most likely survived due to his high fitness levels.

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Referencing this instance, another fan has some words of advice for Nadia.

They wrote: ‘Nadia, do you think after listening to Chico you have scared yourself? Get yourself checked over but I think sometimes we overthink things…’

Better safe than sorry, Nadia!