Cheryl’s had many a different hairstyle during her time in the spotlight, but her latest look has sent fans into a frenzy as they describe her as ‘barely recognisable’ in an instagram snap.

The latest photo shows Cheryl with tousled blonde locks and barely there make-up.

“That’s never Chezza!” said one follower, while another commented: “Omg doesn’t even look like you!”

However, despite the initial shock, fans had nothing but praise for Cheryl’s new look.


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“You look so different. Motherhood really suits you,” one fan praised.

“Loving the new you Cheryl! If theirs any hate ignore them you look FANTASTIC!!!” another person posted.

Cheryl also posted another snap with a fun snapchat filter over the top.


Birthday bunny 😏🎊🎉🎈… Thank you sooo much for all my lovely birthday wishes. 🙏🏼 you always make me feel so special ☺️

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Looking good, Cheryl!