Emma Willis has revealed she's working on a new project with Amanda Holden but sparks unusual reaction from this photo...

The 42-year-old Celebrity Big Brother host could not contain her excitement about working on a new project with Rochelle Humes, Paddy McGuinness and Amanda Holden that she teased fans with a hilarious snap .

But in doing so, Emma, asked her 1.1m social media followers to help her decide something hilarious she spotted had happened during the photo opportunity.

The photo shows Rochelle, Emma and Amanda holding up Paddy McGuinness horizontally by his legs and upper body but in doing so the comedian and Take Me Out host looked bizarre.

Emma captioned the snap: “Love this… @rochellehumes leg or @mcguinness.paddy arm? You decide. @noholdenback Fab day at work, with fab people, on a fab new project, coming soon…”

Love this… @rochellehumes leg or @mcguinness.paddy arm? You decide @noholdenback 😂 Fab day at work, with fab people, on a fab new project, coming soon..

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But fans were quick to express their amusement at the illusion created from Rochelle’s white jeans and Paddy’s white t-shirt.

One wrote: “Thought it was his arm until I read it ! … very good guys” and another said: “For a minute there I thought paddy’s other arm was rochelles leg (sic),” and a third joked: “According to moving and handling rules, this is not how you should be lifting loads #healthandsafetyfirstguysandgals ”

Meanwhile the project is still being kept under wraps, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating on what it could be.

One speculated: “It’s so bizarre seeing this picture as I had just guess with my mum that one of you 3 must be possible stand ins for Holly when she’s in the jungle!!!!” but Marks and Spencer’s added a simple red love heart emoji as a comment which could be a clue as to who they’re working with.

But it wasn’t long before Amanda cleared it all up, she wrote: “Giving @mcguinness.paddy a bit of a lift! #Exciting #project with@marksandspencer ..FOOD!!! with these lovely ones @emmawillisofficial@rochellehumes -can’t wait for you to see it! #comingsoon”

It sure looks fun shooting it…