Eamonn Holmes might only be two days into his stint on Good Morning Britain but he’s already been forced to leave the set after an embarrassing incident.

The presenter started to suffer a coughing fit live on air whilst he was interviewing Julian Clary and it became so bad that he had to walk out, leaving a concerned Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins to carry on without him.

When the chat began Eamonn, 58, could be heard trying to suppress his coughs but Julian soon commented: “I’m trying to talk while Eamonn is coughing away.”

The host – who recently returned from a holiday with wife Ruth Langsford – then covered his mouth as he tried to explain: “I’m sorry mate, I got one of those air conditioned coughs on the plane.

“I think what I might do is leave and let you guys carry on.”

Eamonn started to get up to exit the studio and a worried Kate said: “Oh really? Bless you, are you that bad?”

The dad-of-four said he felt it would “disrespectful” of him to stay and keep on coughing through the interview.

Kate urged him to “come back” when he was better, before Julian joked: “Will he ever be seen again?””

“Are you the man to finish Eamonn Holmes off, Julian?” Kate replied.

This prompted a cheeky innuendo from Julian, who quipped back: “As it were.”

Unfortunately Eamonn – who has been standing in for Piers Morgan this week – was unable to return for the rest of the show and many viewers expressed their concern for him on social media.

“Felt so sorry for @EamonnHolmes with his live coughing fit,” one wrote on Twitter. “Get Well Soon Mr Holmes. “

Another posted: “Hope you’re feeling ok after your coughing fit Eamonn”

Eamonn was well enough to return to our screens to present This Morning with Ruth two hours later – though bizarrely Ruth ended up leaving the studio during the fashion segment as she too had a coughing fit.

Let’s hope that Eamonn and Ruth are both feeling better now!