Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford had a bit of an awkward disagreement live on This Morning today as they debated whether they’re too old for another baby.

The couple ended up discussing the topic after interviewing a woman who had a child at the age of 58 – the same age that Ruth and Eamonn are – following fertility treatment.

Eamonn was intrigued to find out Ruth’s thoughts on the idea and asked: “At your age, if you could or you didn’t have a child or wanted another child, could you see yourself going through with it?”

“Absolutely, yeah!” Ruth – who shares 16-year-old son Jack with Eamonn – quickly answered before explaining: “I mean, I literally feel fit, I feel healthy, I feel vibrant, I love children, I always wanted more than one, so yeah.”

Eamonn seemed a bit apprehensive though and added: “Even aware of your age, you still would?”

Ruth wasn’t going to be deterred though.

“I wouldn’t because I’ve got one, but if I didn’t have one, that’s what I’m saying,” the presenter said.

“Often people are in a privileged position of having children and saying ‘oh, you shouldn’t do that, you’re too old,’ but when you have that longing for a child… I don’t feel I’m too old.”

Eamonn – who also has three grown-up children from his first marriage – then made it clear that he definitely didn’t feel the same as his wife.

“I think that’s my worst nightmare,” he confessed. “I’m thinking ‘No, I’ve done it all, don’t want to revisit.’ You could?”

Ruth was quick to put Eamonn’s mind at rest though and reassured him: “I’m not going to, but I kind of think I could. Don’t you worry, I’m not going to!”

Eamonn then joked in response: “Maybe if you get a younger husband!”

“There’s a point,” Ruth quipped back.

Ruth has previously spoken of how she’d considered the idea of having another child after Jack – who she welcomed when she was 42 – but Eamonn wasn’t too keen.

“We toyed with having another, but Eamonn didn’t exactly dance for joy at the idea,” she told Prima magazine in 2014. “He said: ‘Really? I’ll have five children then!’ And it did seem a bit much.

“I also thought: ‘You know what, Ruth? Over the age of 40, when the risks for mothers and babies are so much higher, you shouldn’t push your luck. You have one beautiful son. Let that be enough.’”