Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford may live together, and often work together, but that doesn’t mean they get to spend much quality time together.

Eamonn Holmes

So it was a wonderful treat for the married couple to enjoy some downtime in each other’s company and have a night out on the town – something even Eamonn admits is a rare occurrence.

Sharing a sweet intimate snap on Instagram on Sunday, Eamonn delighted fans as he treated them to a glimpse inside his date night with his wife of nine years.

Holding up some drinks, Eamonn and Ruth looked relaxed and happy as they raised their glasses to capture the moment.

Captioning the image, Eamonn said, “A rare treat finding some downtime and a night out with Mrs Holmes. Enjoying it very much. Cheers🥂.”

See the photo HERE!

Eamonn Holmes

Fans rushed to heap praise on the couple and bask in the adorableness of the photo, with one commenting, “Hope you had a lovely evening,just the two of you 💓💗💘❣️💞💕you both give so much joy in your day job xx 😘 xx.”

Another said, “I don’t know how you both do it! Your work ethic is incredible… whatever you’re on can, I have some!!! You both enjoy… you deserve it!!” To which Eamonn responded, “Thank you Gail. We all do what we have to do, you too.”

A third added, “It’s great to see our handsome Irishman and his beautiful wife enjoying life and love. ☘🇮🇪❤.”

And a fourth gushed, “I love you two ! Couple goals 😍 you always look so happy 👌🏽.”

While a fifth said, “Nice to see you both lovely people having a nice time.”

Meanwhile, Ruth previously opened up about the challenges she and Eamonn face when they work together.

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“The challenges are what everyone faces when they work together, it’s like two people who want to drive a car and one wants to go left and one wants to go right, and you have to compromise,” she told Hello!

Adding, “And you know, Eamonn’s not a team player really – he likes to be out there doing his thing. And he has to compromise and work with me so it’s a challenge all the time.”