She may be royalty, but it seems Kate Middleton is very down to earth when it comes to her festive shopping.

The Duchess of Cambridge was pictured buying Christmas gifts in a discount store over the weekend, and fellow shoppers couldn’t believe their eyes.

Kate, 36, had Prince George and Princess Charlotte in tow as she browsed outlet store The Range – and eventually made her way to the tills.

“I did a double-take when I saw her. You don’t expect to see royals shopping at The Range,” a fellow mum told The Sun.

“I recognised little Prince George holding Kate’s hand and ­Charlotte with a red bow in her hair. Their protection officers were keeping a discreet distance so they looked like any other family out grabbing last-minute Christmas bargains.

“When Kate got to the checkouts I plucked up courage to ask if she’d do a selfie with me and my kids. She very politely declined. She was so nice, explaining she was just doing a bit of Christmas shopping,” the onlooker added.

Kate apparently bought trolley-loads of pictures, children’s books and artist materials from the Norfolk store, which is just a 15-minute drive from Sandringham.

The Queen is known for liking her family to swap modest, jokey gifts on Christmas Eve in line with German tradition, so no doubt Kate was buying for her fellow royals.

The Duchess will be spending December 25 at Sandringham with the Queen, Prince William and their three children.

They will be joined by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who is pregnant with their first child.

Despite rumours of a rift between Kate and Meghan, 37, the Royal Family fill the drawing room at Sandringham to watch the Queen’s Speech, just like millions of others gathering together for it across the UK.