The Duchess of Cambridge is an expert at dressing in the right outfit for every occasion.

Now well practised at adhering to royal protocol, Catherine always dresses both stylish and appropriately. Whether she’s heading to a lavish evening event or visiting a charity, the Duchess of Cambridge always masters the fashion rules.

But this year’s BAFTA awards ceremony promises to present the Duchess with a rather awkward outfit dilemma.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be guests of honour at the ceremony on 18th February. However, the awards will be paying a sartorial homage to the Time’s Up movement, by having all female nominees dress in


However, this message will likely prove pretty troubling for Catherine, who, as a member of the royal family is required to not make political statements. The royal family are well-known for remaining neutral on all matters – whether social or politi

A letter has been circulated to all female nominees about the decision. And it’s said that it’s being done in order to make a “strong, unifying and simple statement”. The decision echoes that of attendees at the recent Golden Globes, who also dressed in all-black to stand in solidarity with people who have been victims of sexual abuse.

Catherine will undoubtedly face an awkward dilemma either way. If she chooses to wear colour, she may be criticised for not taking part in the movement against sexual abuse.

However, if she does wear black, it may be perceived that she is making a powerful political statement. And this is something the royals strongly refrain from doing, in order to maintain neutrality.

Duchess of Cambridge and Duke of Cambridge at the BAFTAs 2017

(Catherine and William at the 2017 BAFTAs)


It’s certainly a tricky one. But given Catherine’s previous experience in navigating the world of appropriate fashion, we’re sure she’ll figure out the right way to handle the situation.

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In fact, the royal family use their outfits all the time to send subtle messages. Just last week, the Duchess of Cambridge paid a subtle homage to Princess Diana with her choice of earrings.

And some weeks ago, Meghan Markle pair tribute to Wales with her clothing choices. The soon-to-be royal championed the area by wearing a pair of from local Cardigan brand Hiut Denim. And Prince Harry’s fiance even helped to boost the small company’s profits.

However Catherine handles the BAFTAs situation, we’re sure she’ll make the right choice.