Does Edwina Bartholomew’s dress look like a vagina? What do you think? Tell us on our Facebook page here

Australian TV presenter Edwina Bartholomew found out recently just how important it is to think about every aspect of your dress before gracing a high profile red carpet event. The Oscars red carpet is top of that list by the way!

But Edwina was catapulted to online fame because everyone thought her dress resembled a…ahem…vagina!

The Aussie TV star got all glammed up and was keen to show her awards ceremony style to her social media followers with the below picture and that’s when it all started to go a bit crazy!

Does Edwina Bartholomew's dress look like a vagina

And these were just a couple of the hilarious responses she had! Poor lady…

2 Does Edwina Bartholomew's dress look like a vagina

Everyone loved the colour and the shape but it was the extra hanging bit of material that people couldn’t get their head around! Apparently it swirled in a ‘vagina like way’. What do you think?

Thankfully Edwina has a sense of humour and tweeted this response to the world, “Vajayjaygate. Lucky I didn’t put it in the middle” ha! Good for her…