Following the break-up of a relationship, most of us would likely be happy to leave our exes firmly in the past.

But for former Loose Women star Denise Welch, her Christmas plans will happily include her ex-husband, Tim Healy.

The pair split over five years ago following a 24-year marriage, and share two sons together, Matthew, 28, and Louis, 16.

And for Denise, it seems as though her priority is having everyone together this festive season, even if it does mean sharing the holiday with ex Tim, and new hubby Lincoln Townley.

In fact, Denise has told how she and Tim are now as close as ever, despite no longer being together.

She shared how the family, including Tim’s new wife Joan, will all be in Newcastle for Christmas, where she’ll be performing in pantomime.

“I’ll be in Jack and the Beanstalk in Newcastle, and after the Christmas Eve matinee we’re all off to a restaurant for dinner.

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“My sons Matty and Louis and Tim and Jo will be there along with Lincoln and his son Lewis. Then on Christmas Day nobody has to cook a big dinner, and we’ll have roasted cooked ham.”

Denise also revealed that her ex-husband and beau Lincoln will likely share the cooking on the big day too.

She shared, “Tim and Lincoln will be in the kitchen. They’ll make a Christmas pudding and we’ll sit around in our pyjamas and watch rubbish TV. I’ll be back on stage on Boxing Day, but that will give me a chance to work off some of the pounds”

And, live on Lorraine, the star also shared that she couldn’t be happier to be all together with her ‘blending family’ this Christmas.

We say, good for you Denise!

Denise married beau Lincoln back in July 2013, in a ceremony in Portugal.

At the time, she said of her love, “This is about being together forever. There’s no one who can make me happier.

“This is my fairytale.”

Aww! So. Sweet.