Strictly star Debbie McGee is hot favourite to win the BBC dancing competition. But that doesn’t mean she’s finding the famously gruelling schedule easy!

According to reports, 59-year-old Debbie is allegedly finding the demands of the training particularly difficult, especially after sustaining a painful injury recently.

And The Sun has reported that this week, the star suffered somewhat of a ‘breakdown’ during rehersals, following partner Giovanni’s intense demands on her.

A source reportedly said, “Debbie is struggling and it all got too much for her.

“She’s finding practice increasingly difficult to get through and Gio isn’t going easy on her.”

The source continued, “He’s desperate to win and is pushing Debbie but some days she’s exhausted.

“Perhaps he forgets sometimes that Debbie is a lot older than her competitors.”

The news comes just a week after it was revealed that former magician’s assistant suffered a painful back injury during practice for her samba. The incident also sparked fears the Debbie may not be able to perform on the past weekend’s shows.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she confessed, “The samba really pulled the muscles over my hip bones.

“It actually felt like a tendon had gone over my hip bone, and when I put my weight on my left foot it kept giving way and my leg was buckling.” Ouch!

The gruelling Strictly training schedule…

Of all the remaining Strictly competitors, Debbie is the oldest, at 59. But her age certainly hasn’t been a hindrance in the show so far. Debbie has  been wowing viewers, and has consistently been winning scores of 10s from the impressed judges!

However, the Strictly training schedule is famously gruelling. So it’s no surprise that it might be starting to take its toll on Debbie.

The celebs are often required to train for some 12 hours a day, starting at 8am and often not finishing until 8pm.

In the past, former Girls Aloud star Kimberley revealed how intense she found the rehearsals.

The former Strictly star confessed, “At times it really messed with my head. And there were a few moments when I thought I was going to lose it completely.”

Let’s all hope that Debbie’s on the mend soon enough!