Since he arrived in Walford in 2014 as hunky market trader Kush Kazemi, Davood Ghadami has delighted EastEnders fans with his incredible six-pack and his on-off relationship with older lover Denise Fox.

And he wowed Strictly Come Dancing viewers in the last series, reaching the quarter-finals. The actor, 35, who lives in Essex, has been married to his wife Isobel for eight years and the couple have two daughters, Eva, five, and Grace, two.

“My wife and I know each other inside out and have a genuine understanding about how the other ticks. We met 17 years ago at university so we’ve got a lot of shared history. I’m an incredibly lucky man. My life couldn’t be the way it is without her support. She was amazing when I was in Strictly and kept everything going.

The couple share two daughters, but it seems they’re not considering having any more for the time being.

“Bringing children into the mix changes your life in every way. Being a dad is wonderful. I’m not sure we’ll have more – when there are more kids than adults, you really have to step up your game!

But surely Davood is in the best shape of his life after doing Strictly Come Dancing?

“I didn’t go to the gym for months when I was doing Strictly. My New Year’s resolution is to go to the gym and focus on my Crossfit, which is high- intensity football training. I enjoy the camaraderie of the group – we really push each other. Crossfit is my therapy.

“I love working on EastEnders. I’m really close to Bonnie Langford, who plays my on-screen mum Carmel. When she found out I was doing Strictly, she was so excited, she just jumped on me and said, ‘You’ll be all right with the lifts!’ And she was right.

“I’d love to see Kush and Denise take the plunge and get married. On paper they should never work as a couple but they’re really good together. They’ve had a hard year and they deserve to be happy!” Now that we’d love to see!

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