Davina McCall turned to Twitter recently, after a worrying health scare with her son, Chester.

The presenter posted on the social media site to ask her 2.8 million followers about a suspicious looking bit that had appeared on her son’s leg.

Her son Chester is just 11 years old – so the discovery was likely a terrifying one.

She wrote on her social media, “Hello twitter … is this tick bite? On my sons leg….”

And after a series of replies, it seems Davina had found the answer to her query.

Some time later, she tweeted her grateful thanks for the helpful responses, saying “Love twitter at times like this … told to see doctor first thing so will do that … pretty sure it’s a tick bite”

Fans messaged back with their relief that Chester was all okay, with one writing “Hope he’s okay Davina and makes a quick recovery. X”

However, some criticised Davina’s approach to getting some help, with one writing, “I think you should not ask the internet and just go to a doctor.”

Davina quickly hit back at the critic though, confessing that the only reason she didn’t take her son to the doctor immediately was because it was late at night.

She said, “It was 9 x but I called 111 x going to gp tomorrow at 8.30”.

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The star also shared an update after visiting the doctors the following morning. She wrote, “Update … bite could possibly be tick bite /lymes so he is on antibiotics .

She continued to thank fans, writing, “I learned a lot from u guys last night x lots of great links to useful websites so thank you xxxxxx”

Responding to a tweet, Davina also praised the expert medical care her son got, writing “Our doctors were great x”

Social media users were then quick to praise Davina’s quick action in diagnosing the cause behind the bite. Many warned that if the tick is Lyme Disease, early prevention is keep to her son’s recovery.

One fan wrote “Great he is on early antibiotics; just not worth the risk with !”. While another agreed, “If it’s caught fast and your son is on antibiotics that’s great… you’re going to have to be a tough momma and ensure it’s a 6 week course….2 weeks will not eradicate the spirochete borrelia bacteria. So pleased you’ve got some help…”

We’re glad that it sounds like Chester is on the mend!