Davina McCall has seemingly hit back at her haters in a hilarious new post on Instagram.

Davina McCall

The 51-year-old was joined by her BFF Chessie King as they stripped down to their underwear and danced around for an ‘I don’t care what they think about me’ video.

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In the clip, fitness enthusiast Davina can be seen showing off her rock hard abs as she jumped up and down on a bed enthusiastically.

Seemingly poking fun at her haters, the telly presenter then made a series of hilarious facial expressions, telling the camera, “Your cheeks have sunken into your face, go buy some doughnuts.”

Pointing to her nose, Davina then adds, “Are you a member of the pelican family?”

Later on in the wacky video, the former Big Brother host shows off her best dancing moves as she chants the lyrics, “I don’t care what you think about me” before the pair ended up in fits of giggles.

The mum-of-three – who shares Holly, 17, Tilly, 15, and Chester, 12, with ex Matthew Robertson – then went on to explain the inspiration behind the post.

She penned, “Oh my goodness…. I’m in a very happy place right now.”

Speaking about her pal Chessie, the star continued, “She’s been inspiring my girls and all of their friends for an age and thanks to them… we are hanging out this avo .

“Chessie posted an « I don’t care what they think about me « vid.. and challenged me to do one ( it wasn’t really a challenge… I really wanted to do it) so she’s helped me do mine today … had a blast 😂😂 and am feeling wildly liberated! #growingolddisgracefully.”

And fans found the whole thing hilarious, as one wrote, “This is absolutely amazing 😂🙌😄.”

“You are AWESOME!! ❤️❤️❤️,” said another, while a third commented, “Both absolute queens 👸 ❤️”

And a fourth agreed, “This is so funny ! You are fabulous ❤️.”

This comes after fans rallied around Davina when she admitted she was too ‘embarrassed’ to discuss a painful injury, which has forced her to reassess her strict exercise regime.

Admitting she didn’t feel like she could be honest because she’s known as the “exercise lady”, the star shared a very candid post on Instagram to explain why she hadn’t been sharing so much of her training.

“I’ve been a bit quiet on the exercise front because I’ve been out of action… I have this thing where because I’m exercise lady I feel I can’t be injured… but sometimes s**t happens,” she said.

“I had a niggle in my hip… quite a long time ago now.. had an x Ray no arthritis, thank goodness, not a back issue … so I paired down my training , but every time it got a bit better and I upped my training it got bad again.

“I started to worry a bit. But didn’t talk to anyone about it. Think I was embarrassed.. about being injured. Felt like I couldnt share it., like I have to be bulletproof. Well I’m not.”

We hope you’re on the mend, Davina!