Fans are worrying for her health....

She recently revealed she was separating from her husband Matthew Robertson after 17 years of marriage and, despite her putting on a brave face, fans are concerned about Davina.

A source close to the star has revealed to Woman that Davina could be taking her love of fitness a step too far, saying, ‘She is looking gaunt now, and she needs to start working out with a degree of moderation.’

There’s no denying that Davina, 50, is a firm believer in a healthy lifestyle, with the presenter regularly posting fitness videos and motivational snaps.

But fans and close friends fear that the presenter is going to burn out.

Unhealthy obsession?

The star recently showcased her svelte figure on Instagram, but her followers were left concerned by Davina’s appearance. One user wrote, ‘You look fragile.’ Another said, ‘Don’t lose any more weight, Davina. Getting slightly obsessed I think.’ And a third added, ‘Please don’t lose any more weight. Your face is too thin.’

As of late, Davina has been documenting a lot of her workouts on the social media site, from daily early-morning runs to gym sessions, spin classes and Pilates.

And it’s clear that she has no desire to slow down any time soon as she recently confessed to us, ‘I was out running every morning [in the summer] and I loved it. My next big event is my charity bike ride in June, and I’m thinking of signing up for a couple of 10k [runs].’ And the star has previously admitted she works out a minimum of three times a week.

Friends of the presenter appear equally concerned, with a pal telling us, ‘We worry that she is doing long-term damage to her wellbeing.’

Pushed to the limit

Davina has said that she’s at her fittest ever in her 50s, revealing, ‘First foray in [a] thong bikini… at 50 this might look like I’m showing off… I am. I’m pretty chuffed, having thought I would be in one-pieces after 40, I am so happy.’

But our insider admits that friends are worried Davina will never be completely content with her body and fitness levels. ‘Of course Davina is under strain and, despite loving her body, she still feels she has to go even further on her fitness campaign. We can’t help but fear that her workouts are becoming an outlet for her now her marriage is over.’

Our source adds, ‘Right now, she’s terrified of facing up to ageing – positively petrified. And so she’s pushing herself to the limit, physically and emotionally.’

Avoiding reality

Understandably, Davina is bound to

be under some emotional strain since announcing her separation from Matthew, 49, in November last year. Our insider claims that, behind her strong public façade, Davina is feeling the pressure.

‘She’s going through a divorce, for goodness’ sake. Who isn’t a bit low when that happens?

‘Davina says she’s never been better, fitter or happier. The people who really know her know that she’s putting on a brave face.’

Since announcing her split, Davina has still been active on her social media account, posting snaps of her looking happy and carrying on with her life as normal, both working and exercising. But fans fear she could be hiding from her problems.

Our source adds, ‘Davina is fanatical about maintaining a positive outlook. It’s not normal for people to be happy and positive all the time.

‘We all get low, and by not letting herself feel negative emotions it could lead to something far worse.’

However, since Davina released her 14th fitness DVD in December last year, and with Long Lost Family and

The Davina Hour returning to our screens soon, she has no intention of slowing down any time soon. But our insider fears, ‘She’s going to hit a wall at some point, and it will probably be in the near future.’

Let’s just hope Davina takes some well-earned ‘me time’ sooner rather than later.