Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams has been slated for a recent picture posted to his Instagram account.

The 46-year-old shared a picture of himself kissing a dolphin whilst on a recent holiday to Dubai.

Funny-man David simply captioned the pic ‘Kiss’. But while David is having fun, it seems that fans are furious about the seemingly unassuming image.


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Hundreds have flocked to David’s Insta snap to berate the TV personality, for encouraging the practise of keeping animals in captivitiy.

Countless social media users took to the image to share their opinion that visiting these kind of centres was wrong, with many admitting their “shock” that David would visit one.

One digusted fan wrote: “So shocked that you’d do this! This practice is so cruel! Taking wild animals from their home just for your own entertainment!

They continued: “These poor animals have a terrible life in captivity, EDUCATE YOURSELF! And use your influence to educate others, not breed their ignorance!

Another fan added: “No. Just no. This is nothing but cruelty.”

While a third urged David to ‘educate himself’ on the matter, so that he could inform others. They said: “Shame! Please educate yourself about the captive dolphin industry, it’s so cruel!”

Another fan admitted that the mage had even changed their opinion on the TV star, saying, “I used to be a big fan”.

They wrote, “How disappointing to see you promote such cruelty. I used to be a big fan of yours. I always considered you intelligent and well-educated. Now to see you complicit in animal misery I have to change my mind.”

David is well-known as an animal lover, and even owns a pet dog, Bert.


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He once also made the headlines for saving a dog from drowning, whilst undergoing his charity swim in the River Thames.

A labrador, Vinny, had jumped into the river, but it became clear that he was struggling to get out. At the time, Vinny’s owner Steve Outten explained: “Vinny has hip dysplasia and was really struggling to get out just as David was swimming past.

“He stopped, swam over and helped me get him out, which when you think what he’s going through with the swim is totally amazing. What a man.”

David also commented: “I thought he was fine, but he started to really struggle when he was getting out so I swam over and helped his owner get him out.”

David hasn’t yet commented on the Instagram photo.

What do you think of the image? Was David wrong to take the photo, and to post it?