Today marks 20 years since Victoria Adams married David Beckham in Ireland.

David Victoria Beckham

In 1997 they met at a charity football match and within two years they’d got engaged, had their first son and married.

Just after the wedding the phrase ‘Brand Beckham’ was coined.

But being in a high-profile marriage hasn’t always been easy for the pair, who have four kids, Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 16, Cruz, 14, and Harper, eight this week.

They’ve battled cheating claims, family feuds and business struggles. Piers Morgan even called their relationship a ‘sham’.

David once said, ‘Do we stay together because it’s a brand? Of course not. We stay together because we love each other and have four amazing children.’

But is the Beckhams’ marriage really as perfect as it seems?

Faithful husband?

David Victoria Beckham

Over Victoria and David’s 20-year marriage, there have been a number of cheating claims, but it all started with their former assistant Rebecca Loos 
in September 2003, who described Goldenballs as a ‘generous lover’.

Then, in April 2004, Sarah Marbeck 
claimed to have slept with David in Singapore in 2001, back when he was on a tour with Manchester United, and said they exchanged suggestive texts for two years.

Following that, Danielle Heath claimed she’d also had an affair with David, while Victoria was pregnant with Cruz. David vehemently denied all the allegations and Victoria stuck by him.

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Bad Brooklyn

Brooklyn Beckham

While most of Victoria and David’s brood aren’t old enough to be in trouble with anyone other than their parents, Brooklyn has already shown his rebellious side.

After passing his driving test, he was slapped with four parking tickets on his £37,000 Mercedes C-class in less than two months.

Since then, he’s angered fans by posing with a gun, and had more than one public ‘booze-fuelled bust-up’ with girlfriend Hana Cross.

Struggling business

Victoria Beckham

While they’re by no means strapped for cash, it was recently reported that Victoria’s fashion label – which she launched in 2008 – is losing £28,000 a day, adding up to a whopping £30m loss over five years.

Despite David giving Victoria Beckham Ltd an £8.5m boost in 2016, she was £10.2m in the red last year – and her company still owed DB Ventures 
its money at the end 
of December 2016.

The good news is 
that sales of her clothes and fashion accessories have increased, going up 17% to £42.5m. But with a full-year operating at a loss of over £10m, Vic has lost millions of pounds.

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Family feuds

Joanne Beckham

David has two sisters, Joanne and Lynne, and both have dramatic lives. Last year, David was caught up in a row between Joanne and ex Kris Donnelly – who split when their daughter was six months old. Kris attacked Becks online after plans for him to see his child fell through.

David also reportedly fell out with Lynne in 1999 when she married Colin Every. Becks was thought to have disapproved of her husband, but still attended the wedding, despite Victoria failing to show.