It’s an exciting time in the Beckham family at the moment, as David’s sister Joanne Beckham has just announced that she’s given birth to a baby girl.

David’s younger sister and her partner Kris Donnelly revealed the arrival of their adorable bundle of joy, Peggy, on 9th December over on Instagram. And the 32-year-old penned an emotional message to announce the exciting news for the family.


“Such an amazing feeling starting our own family , the love I have for our little princess Peggy is one that is so unconditional! I’d never of been able to do it without the love of my life … @krissydonners you was my strength ! Thank you … ❤️#myfamily”

This is Joanne’s first child, but will be David’s fifth little niece/nephew. His older sister, Lynne, 38 has already had four children.

It’s said that Joanne and David are super-close siblings, so its likely that David will play a huge part in his new niece’s life as she grows up. Joanne posts regular social media messages to his and Victoria’s brood. And she recently wished adorable 6-year-old Harper a happy birthday.

The former haidresser also shares regular pics of her and her brother online – showing just how well the pair get on.

F A M I L Y ❤️ such a beautiful day with family and friends ! #family#love#babyshower

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Joanne’s bond with big bro David…

Speaking about the pair’s bond growing up, Joanne has previously told ES Magazine that it was clear her big bro was always going to be a successful footballer.

“Obviously he was destined to be a footballer,

“We shared a bedroom when we were young, and we always used to play football with a Care Bear.

“We should’ve been going to bed, but we were actually playing football with this Care Bear, across the beds. I’m seven years younger than him, so I was only about four at the time.”

Just like any typical brother and sister than!

Joanne has also shared that she enjoys a good relationship with David’s other half, Victoria. Speaking to ES Magazine, she confessed that she often grabs interesting style tips from the fashionista.

‘I get more from her. Because, you know, look at her. She’s amazing. She always gives me tips.” Because who better to give fashion advice than VB herself?

Aww – seems like there’s a big cause for celebration in the Beckham households at the moment! Congratulations to the whole family.