David Beckham has always been celebrity dad goals and now he’s outdone himself by sharing THE cutest story about a recent conversation he had with daughter Harper.

The former footballer – who has Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and Harper, 6, with wife Victoria Beckham – has opened up about how the couple make sure the children know that their parenta have to work hard and spend time away to provide for them.

‘It’s something we talk about a lot, Victoria and I,’ says David, 42. ‘It’s something we definitely try to instill in the kids, by talking to them, in our own actions.

‘When we are going away we like our kids to know why: “so Daddy can pay the bills for the house”, or “pay for your school education”.’

This honesty led to a touching exchange with Harper recently when Becks tried to explain to her how he earns his wages.

‘[She] turned to me the other day when we were in the car on the way to the airport in LA and said, “Dad, how do you get money?”’ David explains. ‘And I said, “Well, when you go to work you get paid and then I pay for your school uniform or the books for school”.

‘And she said, “OK, Daddy. So when are you next going away?” And I said, “Well Daddy’s going away this week because Daddy has to pay for the holiday we’ve just been on”. She said, “Oh, OK”.

‘So she opened the glove box and got two dollars out and she gave me the two dollars and said, “You don’t have to go away now Daddy”. I was like “Aaahhh”.’

Going away is obviously difficult but David says that he and Victoria, 43, alternate trips so that there’s always at least one of them with the children.

The family have one less child at home now though since Brooklyn moved to New York to pursue photography at university and Becks admits that it’s something that worries him given the political climate in the world right now.

‘When you have children – young children and older children going to university in America – you are of course concerned and worried,’ he tells the Evening Standard. ‘What are their lives going to be like?

‘That’s my main concern. Obviously there are a lot of other things in terms of how businesses are going to survive, how people from Europe and other parts of the world are going to cope with changes.

‘Hopefully that is going to be worked out. But in this current climate it’s uncertain.’

Heavy stuff. It looks like the family are keeping a close eye on Brooklyn though, having posted cute photos on Instagram last month as they reunited – awww.

 FROM: Our sister site, CelebsNow. Written by Anna Francis.