EastEnders star Danny Dyer is known for his cheeky innuendos.

And true to form, the actor reportedly made a very rude joke about Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall as he took to the stage at this year’s Olivier Awards on Sunday.

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While speaking to the audience, 41-year-old Danny reportedly said to the royal, “Shout out to the Duchess up there. No Charlie tonight? I’ll pop up and see you later.”

According to The Sun, ITV bosses made sure the line didn’t make it to our telly screens, with an insider revealing, “Danny’s known for his cheeky humour but bosses were hoping he’d keep it in check – especially as Camilla was in the audience.

“The ceremony is very formal so anything close to the line makes producers nervous.

“Some saw his gag as a step too far. It had to be cut from the final broadcast, no question. It could have upset the Duchess.”

The awkward moment comes after Danny joked about having a “family reunion” with Charles, 70, last month when he met him at the Prince’s Trust Awards.

After finding out he had royal blood on BBC series Who Do You Think You Are back in 2016, Danny reportedly said to Charles, “I’m in EastEnders. Just wanted to let you know we’re related as well.

“King Edward III is my grandfather – but I won’t go into it. No he is, on my life.”

To which the prince replied: “A very long way away.”

Speaking during the ceremony later, Charles said, “I’ve discovered a long lost relation in Danny Dyer.

“He told me he was descended from Edward III, which is interesting. I must do some research when I get back.”

Danny discovered his relation to Thomas Cromwell, Edward III, William the Conqueror and Henry III during filming for Who Do You Think You Are.

In January, the star filmed a two-part BBC One series called Danny Dyer’s Right Royal Family.