Danniella Westbrook has revealed she’ll be getting part of her RIB inserted into her face in order to fix it.

The ex-EastEnders star has insisted her face is collapsing due to “bad dental work” rather than osteoporosis from excessive cocaine use.

Speaking to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain, Danniella said it’s her dental work that’s led to her getting septicaemia and then osteoporosis over the last few years.

She said: “Mine hasn’t been when I was doing excessive amounts of drugs as I would have got it back then.

“I wouldn’t have just got it in the last few years.”

She explained she has a weak bone and it is where screws from her implants didn’t sit in the bone properly which caused her various illnesses, but now she will have surgery to correct it.

Danniella added: “They were going to use some of my skull but they’re going to use the floating rib because I have no cheekbone on this side.

“It’s nothing to do with cocaine at all – if it was cocaine I would openly say it was – like when I had the hole in my face.”

Danniella also insisted reports of her being homeless and bankrupt have been made up by “bottom feeders” – and she’s actually completely “together”, working on scripts and production for film and TV behind the scenes from her home in Spain.

She said: “Seriously if my life was written as a TV soap we’d win every award because you couldn’t write it.

“I am together, I’m very together, it’s the people around me who make stuff up.”

It comes after Danniella revealed she’s “drinking 12 pints of milk a day” to strengthen her bones in preparation for the reconstructive surgery.

“I just don’t look like myself any more,” she told the Mirror Online. “Obviously I’m going to age a lot faster anyway because of the drugs but I didn’t need this as well.”