Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor has vented her fury on social media after a fan asked her for a selfie at the doctor’s – and then called her “rude” for refusing.

The actress – who plays Toyah Battersby in the soap – was left shocked by the “inappropriate” request and felt particularly angry at the way the admirer reacted to her turning them down.

“Since when was it deemed acceptable to ask for selfies in the doctors reception?” Georgia, 38, tweeted on Tuesday.

“You have no idea what I’m here for and it’s completely inappropriate, but apparently I’M the ‘rude’ one for saying no…”

Many of Georgia’s followers were on her side and voiced their shock at the request, including her Corrie co-star and on-screen sister Jane Danson.

“You are quite possibly the kindest soul i know. Maybe some people should stop and think how ‘rude’ they are? I’ll send Leanne round and that will show them rude,” Jane jokingly responded to Georgia’s post.

Meanwhile Kym Marsh added: “Oh good god!!”

Others shared their stories of being asked for selfies in surprising places too, with Casualty actress Amanda Mealing writing: “Oh babe!!! I had a group come up to me as I was scattering my fathers ashes!!!! Oblivious to the fact I was sobbing my heart out!”

Georgia went on to admit that she “never usually says no” to requests but “felt vulnerable”.

“It was less about being asked for a selfie, and more about the reaction when I politely declined,” she explained.

“I was clearly uncomfortable but was called rude and she said something about ‘posting this on Facebook’.”

She also revealed that the “woman in question” had said: “Well we could’ve gone outside for it”

The TV star later thanked everyone for their replies to her post and added: “You’ve cheered me up no end”

Georgia returned to Coronation Street in 2016 after previously leaving the show in 2003. She first joined the cast back in 1997.