Fans of the show claimed the glass of vino was more expensive than London prices

Coronation Street viewers were left gobsmacked during Wednesday night’s episode after discovering the price for a glass of wine in Manchester.

In utter disbelief, fans of the show were quick to jump on Twitter and express their astonishment after hearing a barman demand £9.50 from Gary Windass – £9.50!

The former soldier found himself forking over the cash after he accidentally ended up on a night out with Pat Phelan’s daughter, Nicola Rubinstein, after girlfriend Sarah Platt couldn’t get the evening off work.

After Nicola’s credit card was declined – which, judging by those prices we’re not surprised – Gary kindly offered to pay for her tipple after sensing her embarrassment at the bar.

And while he may have been expecting to fork over that much cash, viewers were completely baffled over the absurd price.

One person said: ‘£9.50 for a glass of wine ?!. #Corrie.’

While another added: ‘£9.50 for a glass of wine in the bar in Manchester? They wouldn’t charge you that in the Rovers. #Corrie.’

And another chimed in: ‘£9.50 for a glass of wine?? I know our bars here in Manchester can be expensive, but seriously!! @itvcorrie #Corrie.’

One viewer even went as far as to compare the price tag to London prices.

‘£9.50 for a glass of wine is more like London prices than Manchester? #Corrie.’

Let’s hope it was at least a large glass.

Meanwhile, there was more confusion during the episode as fans were left pondering over the upcoming rumoured storyline about Nicola’s pregnancy after a night of passion with Gary.

After spilling his heart out to Nicola over his tough time in the Ukraine, he was later shocked to discover she is Pat’s daughter and ordered her to never speak to him again.

Viewers complained on Twitter after claiming there was no possible way for them to reunite after Gary’s warning, with one writing: ‘Nicola and Gary didn’t do the deed. I’m outraged #Corrie.’

While another added: ‘Wait so Gary knows about Nicola being Pat’s daughter and they still sleep together????? #Corrie.

Oh dear…