He's growing up so fast!

Born only eight months ago, little Cooper Keating is looking extremely cute in recent Instagram photos.

Proud parents Ronan and Storm Keating have been uploading plenty of pictures of their adorable eight-month-old baby, and it seems he’s just as camera-savvy as Mum and Dad!

Little gangsta #DaddysHomeToday #Saturdayz #Baby #Love #Cute #CooperKeating ❤️

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And the couple’s social media followers are loving the snaps. ‘Your baby is so darn cute,’ commented one fan. ‘Just adorable x,’ wrote another.

In a recent interview with Hello!, Ronan revealed that he’s been waking at up 4:30am every morning, but is overjoyed that Cooper sleeps through the night.

“I can’t believe I have a baby who sleeps so well, and I’m getting up in the middle of the night anyway!” he said.

During a festive photoshoot for the magazine, Ronan and Storm called their baby boy “their greatest gift this Christmas”, and spoke about their holiday plans in the Maldives.

“It will be really different for me because I’ve never had a warm Christmas ever, but it will be a little more like home for Storm,” the former Boyzone singer said of his Australian-born wife.

“It’s been another mad busy year so we’re both really looking forward to getting some sun and making the most of my two weeks off work,” he added. “And as Coops is still too young to really understand Santa plus we’re still building the new house, it makes sense to do it now while we still can. From next year onwards I imagine we’ll be at home every year putting out the carrots and cookies.”

Ronan also spoke about his Christmas traditions with his older children Jack, 18, Missy, 16, and Ali, 12.

“When my big kids were just little kids, I was that crazy dad who would run around town like a mad man buying and sorting it all.

“I’ve always been a hands on dad and my kids are my world. I have always been totally devoted to my kids and always will be. All four of my kids are amazing and it’s very, very special to see the bond between them all.”

Happy Christmas to the Keatings!