Michael McIntyre has reassured fans he’s ‘fine’ after he was mugged by masked men whilst collecting his children from school.

The comedian was thought to be sat in his car alone when the thieves – driving a moped – smashed the window of his Range Rover and took off with his Rolex watch.

Thankfully, Michael’s agent has confirmed he’s “absolutely fine” after the incident, and is keen to “move on”.

“Michael was involved in an incident involving armed robbers,” he said. “He is absolutely fine and helping police with their inquiries.”

According to an eye witness, one of the armed robbers was “attacking” Michael before they got away.

“I was driving along the road when I saw two men dressed head to toe in black,” the onlooker said.

“One man was on the bike and the other was either attacking or fighting Michael McIntyre. There was shouting too.”

The passer-by added that it was “really scary”, saying: “The second guy jumped on the back of the motorbike and they got away.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed the incident happened on Monday.

“Officers attended. The victim was stationary in his car when two males on a moped smashed the car windows with a hammer before stealing property.

“No injuries were reported. No arrests have been made. Inquiries continue. Anyone with information is asked to call police.”

Fans rallied around the comedian on Twitter sending messages of support.

“Those robbers who stole Michael McIntyre’s watch and smashed into his car should be ashamed of what they’ve done,” one online user tweeted.

Another said: “Can’t believe anyone would mug Michael McIntyre, literally one of the most kindest, harmless person.”

Michael has two children – Oscar and Lucas – from his marriage of 15 years with Kitty.

He’s been busy travelling up and down the country with his sell-out Big World Tour.