Is it all over for Coleen and Wayne Rooney?

Pregnant Coleen Rooney has faced a great deal of marriage speculation over the past week, following a bout of claims suggesting that husband Wayne had become involved with another woman.

Now, its being suggested that the mother-of-three is headed for a split from Wayne ahead of the arrival of her forth child.


Last Thursday, it was reported that Wayne had been pulled over by police under the suspicion of drink driving in the early hours of the morning.
At the time of his arrest Wayne was allegedly sharing a car with Laura Simpson, a woman he had met that same evening.
Speaking to MailOnline, Laura has shared the alleged events which had led up to Wayne’s run in with the law – having met the footballer after he had ‘introduced himself with his mate’ before the pair had left the club together.

However, Laura had also alleged to her time with Wayne being not entirely platonic – the 29-year-old adds, ‘He kept admiring my clingy top and asking what size they were, saying “Are they real?” We had a kiss, a hug and some banter, harmless fun. I’m not a marriage wrecker’.

Laura then added that their car-share also possibly wasn’t entirely innocent.  ‘Was I going to spend the night with him? Yes, perhaps. We hadn’t really discussed it. We just wanted to be away from all those prying eyes’.

Following the speculation of her husband’s arrest and his possible inappropriate contact with Laura , Coleen is believed to have returned to the UK to begin crisis talks with Wayne over the future of their relationship.

An insider has shared with The Sun: ‘She’s been spending time with her parents deciding what to do — but at this stage she feels it’s over.’

‘To say Coleen is spitting feathers and Wayne is in the doghouse is an understatement. She fears he’s either cheated or was planning to cheat and considering ending it all because of this’.

The source then added, ‘Things could change in the coming days but as things stand she’s had enough and it’s finished. This was the final straw and she feels humiliated. She’s planning to walk away’.

And, whilst there is no word from Coleen or Wayne over the allegations of an indefinite split, the pregnant mother-to-be has taken to social media to ask paparazzi to be more considerate of her and her sons during this difficult time.

Taking to Twitter, Coleen shares a message which reads: ‘Please can photographers have respect and stop following me with my three children in the car…. it’s dangerous and I’ve had enough’.

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Alice Perry